Daniel Teater, LPC

When asked what I “do for a living,” I often respond, “I’m a gospel improv artist.” I show up in relational spaces to listen and spontaneously respond authentically with an embodied presence of joyful love.  I firmly believe that love is often the most foundational answer to many of our questions, and it must be experienced in the context of a safe, vulnerable relationship.

Although I never set out to be a counselor, I was providentially “caught by my calling” (Dan Allender) through a series of significant life-changing events after finishing my Master of Divinity at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

After interning at a counseling and Christian conciliation ministry, I decided to pursue a Master of Arts in Counseling from Covenant Theological Seminary to learn how to build upon my theological training with practical heart application skills.

My ultimate goal was to help people in fragmented and broken relational systems, whether they be organizations, churches, families, or marriages, create healthy relational patterns to promote human flourishing.

I have significant experience in the realm of relational conflict and reconciliation, power and abuse dynamics, trauma and abuse recovery, story-based counseling intensives, and unwanted sexual addiction.

My wife, of 18 years, and I have four children, have fostered seven children, and live in the city of St. Louis. I am a wild canoeist enthusiast at heart, a karaoke dabbler, an improv student, and a weekend-only soccer and basketball player. If you meet me, you’ll know I love coffee, and you’ll probably see me with a mug in hand or at least see the one I left behind sitting somewhere.

If you are considering counseling, you can call 314.887.7706 or email me directly at danielteater@stl-ccc.org.

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