Debbie Bennett, MEd, PLPC

Debbie grew up in the diverse community of University City, where ethnic and racial differences shaped her upbringing.  She sees her ability to relate across cultural divisions as part of living out God’s purpose and responding to His calling.  Debbie has remained engaged in settings whether her identity was shared by those around her or not.  She has compassion for the pain of the outsider’s experience and finds that an identity in Christ is inherently rich with worth and value.

Debbie is completing her Masters of Education through the Clinical Mental Health Counseling CACEP program.  Her greatest interest is in working with adoptees, transracial individuals, couples, and groups.  She’s been married almost 30 years and loves seeing couples thrive.  During internship she plans to grow in experience with trauma and grief.

Debbie can be reached at 314.469.5522, extension 21.  Paperwork for your initial visit can be found here.

Supervised by Kathleen Karigan, PhD, MEd
License #2013023670