Emilie Land, CIT

Life is hard, and navigating the emotions that come with the hard is scary and vulnerable. I strongly believe when we are able to express our deepest emotions with another human being, we begin to feel seen, heard, and known. This creates the support needed for change and healing. I am deeply passionate about creating a safe, warm, and nonjudgmental space where this growth can happen as it was life changing for my own healing journey. The amount of wholeness and flourishing that is possible when we bravely address the pains, fears, and longings this life brings—I can honestly say from experience—is worth it! You matter and your story matters and I would find it an honor and a privilege to walk alongside you wherever you may be.

I enjoy seeing adults and teens who are navigating transition, uncertainty, grief, trauma, relational conflict, emotional regulation, singleness, cross-cultural living, reverse culture shock, and spiritual abuse.

I am pursuing my masters in counseling at Covenant Theological Seminary and am beyond thankful to have the privilege of interning at CrossRoads. My desire to pursue counseling came from my own personal healing journey and my love for sitting and entering into people’s stories throughout 7 years of vocational ministry.

I am from the Carolinas. Yes, North and South. I miss the mountains and being so close to the beach. I love coffee, plants, cooking, yoga, going for walks, hanging out with friends and family. I have just started running again and am enjoying seeing what my body is capable of.

If you are considering counseling, you can call 314.887.7706 or email me directly at emilieland@stl-ccc.org

Supervised by Lindsey De Jong, MAC, LPC (License #2013004021)