Erin Karandish, Intern

As a young girl in rural Missouri, I spent a lot of time playing on hay bales, chasing chickens, and catching fireflies. When I stopped to read a book, I loved the Little Miss book series. One of my favorites was Little Miss Helpful – despite her catastrophic antics, I appreciated and identified with her desire to make life better for others.

Relational care has always been at the center of my personality, and this extended into my vocational life. Though my professional background is in medicine, I developed a passion to work with people in a new capacity through parallel work with social nonprofits. After several years of practice, I was called out of medicine and into a focused study of the head and heart. I am now working toward the completion of a Masters in Counseling at Covenant Theological Seminary. God has used my education, experience, and relationships to grasp my own areas of brokenness and to long for more — both for myself and for others. I’ve come to celebrate the unique complexity of every person, to acknowledge God’s love displayed in relationship, to marvel at the breadth of grace, and to hope in the Gospel of restoration.

I have a deep desire and conviction for people to be seen and known. I enjoy helping others make sense of their story, grow in emotional health, understand their dignity, pursue healing, establish identity, and gain hope. It’s a great privilege for me to walk with hurting people. I am developing a person-centered, holistic, integrative, and interpersonal approach to counseling that is grounded in a safe and authentic relationship and embedded within a redemptive worldview.

My husband likes to say I’m comfortable with the deep end of the emotional pool! When I come up for air, I enjoy running, yoga, (easy-ish) crosswords, organizing, exploring new foods, dance parties, good walks, laughs with friends, and adventures with my husband and four small children. I’m always up for an engaging movie on a comfy couch (especially around Oscar season).

You can reach me at (314) 469-5522, extension 10.

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