Erin Karandish, MAC, PLPC

Erin Karandish MD, MA is a provisional licensed professional counselor at Crossroads Counseling Centers in St. Louis, Missouri. She enjoys working with adults who struggle with the impact of relational difficulties, abuse and trauma; challenges with identity or sexuality; vocational concerns; and spiritual uncertainty. Her medical background additionally allows for a level of understanding and common language for those facing or caring for others with chronic medical conditions. Erin uses an interpersonal, holistic, experiential and integrative approach that pulls from attachment and somatic theories, narrative therapy, interpersonal neurobiology and systems perspectives. She helps clients engage with their stories and emotions through counseling that is tailored to their needs, grounded in a safe and authentic relationship and embedded within a redemptive worldview. Erin’s desire for her clients is for them to know their dignity and experience restoration.

Erin grew up on a farm in Peculiar. She completed her medical training at Brown University in Providence, RI and moved to St. Louis as a fellow in Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Saint Louis University. After working in the VA system for several years, she completed her Masters of Arts in Counseling from Covenant Theological Seminary in 2021. Erin enjoys walking, yoga, (easy-ish) crosswords, movies, organizing, tears and laughs with friends, and adventures with her husband and four small children.

If you are considering counseling, please call 314.887.7706, or email Erin at

Supervised by Margaret Fay, LPC (License #2014032301)