Jessica Huber, LPC

I understand that seeking therapy often comes at a time when you or a loved one is overwhelmed and lacking clarity, not sure where to even begin. Pause for a moment — take a deep breath — let’s see if we’d be a good fit for each other and go from there.

As a counselor…. I love working with young men and women (ages 10 and above) facing challenges of emotional regulation (particularly anxiety and anger), self-image, sexuality, eating concerns, and changes in life-stage. My goal as a therapist is to help you grow in compassion and understanding of yourself and equip you towards healthier ways of connecting with others. I approach this by helping you build the skills needed to thrive in overwhelming situations and noting significant relational dynamics and themes. As a DBT-informed clinician, one of my values is to equip you to navigate stressors more confidently. When not meeting with clients in a private practice setting, I work in a clinic with a variety of complex diagnoses and backgrounds. This experience has well-equipped me to work with clients in high-risk states and prioritize the care needed to keep you safe. I also find it essential to care for the whole person, and will often integrate elements of creative expression, movement, and nutrition in my sessions.

As a person…. I love to be creative and playful. I have such fun trying new crafts (the latest venture has been embroidery) and exploring new ways to engage with my surroundings. I love to hike, picnic in the park, and explore new nooks of St. Louis with friends. But at the end of the day, my favorite self-care is drinking a cup of hot tea while cuddling my cat, Moose.

If you are considering counseling, you can call (314) 877-7706 or email me directly at

License #2021029535.