Masha Lanska, Intern

In the midst of all the uncertainty and discouragement that this life brings, I believe we were created to walk beside each other through the different seasons in our lives. I am privileged to be interning with CrossRoads Counseling Center, where I have an opportunity to continue my growth as a therapist while providing counseling care for my clients. I encourage my clients to come as they are into the counseling room, and truly experience what it’s like to feel safe, connected, and supported in therapy.

After moving to the US from Ukraine for college, I found myself fascinated by the variety of stories that human life is able to hold. Pursuing a BA in psychology at Covenant College (in Georgia) sparked my passion for walking alongside people in their pain and joy. After post-graduate ministry work in Ukraine, I finalized my decision to move to St. Louis for the MA degree in counseling at Covenant Theological Seminary, MO.

While creating a warm and flourishing environment with clients, I desire to offer a genuine sense of hope and safety in the midst of suffering, trauma, anxiety, depression, and other struggles that come with living. I am grateful for the opportunity to explore the depths of life with clients through a therapeutic relationship in the counseling room. As a therapist in training, I am honored to learn from my clients and be a part of their healing journey through the different seasons of their life.

Outside of the counseling room, I love exploring the world, whether it’s through art, nature, music, a new language or another country! I enjoy a cup of tea in my hands on a cozy winter afternoon, and, most of all, I cherish loud laughter with my family and friends.

If you are considering counseling, you can call 314.887.7706. Supervised by DeAnn Yount, LCSW (License #005599).