Robert Gordon, PhD, LMFT

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I’ve sat in the same chair for twenty-seven years.

My professional journey began in 1982. A quick stop at Covenant Theological Seminary led to studies in beautiful, downtown Saint Louis University where I earned two degrees, a Masters degree in Educational Counseling, and a Ph.D. in Marriage & Family Therapy.

Along the way I picked up a Missouri license as a Family & Marriage Therapist (MLFT), built a large private practice, found a dear partner (Doug Samsel, M.A.), and grew a non-profit organization called CrossRoads Christian Counseling, the business that thinks like a mission.

Twenty-seven years in this chair, but the journey feels fresh, this desire to be more. I live with the love of my life, and continue to learn about the hearts of our children, aged 17 and 21. We live in suburbia with a cat, a dog, and an occasional squirrel in the garage. Chesterfield Presbyterian (PCA) is our church home.

I specialize in marital issues, extreme marital issues, family dilemmas, parenting teens, leadership & problem-solving, sexual abuse, Asperger’s in adults, and working with church workers. I meet with clients in St. Louis, not-St.-Louis (using Skype), and occasionally travel overseas to assist missionaries. I enjoy recreating myself, and seeing the bent made straight.

I write as a professional outlet (http:/, and periodically surrender myself to new counseling projects, recently founding an Asperger’s Light Group, and Mission2Family, an international mini-mission.

You can reach me at the office at 636.579.2983.

You can download paperwork for your first visit here.