Made for More workshops are available to churches and community organizations who want to promote mental wellness in their circles of influence. Presentations include:

  • Attachment and Resilience: How our earliest experiences shape our view of God, self and others
  • Mindfulness: Settling Our Anxious Spirit
  • Recognizing Sadness and Depression in Ourselves and Others
  • Trauma-Informed Care: Reshape your lens in understanding power, abuse, behavior and healing
  • Secondary Trauma: What It Is, How To Recognize It and Why It Matters for Ministry Leaders

Crisis Assistance: CrossRoads provides care and consultation for churches and community organizations experiencing unexpected trauma and loss with skilled professionals available for on site care and community workshops.

Community Connections: We host a community building events in different areas of our region, helping churches and nonprofits connect with one another while learning about best practices in promoting mental wellness and caring for their constituents.

Counseling in Under-Served Communities: CrossRoads partners with local churches and nonprofits in under-served communities, both urban and rural, to provide in person, on site counseling within a financial model that reduces barriers to receiving quality, faith-integrated mental wellness care.