CrossRoads provides marriage and couples services for a wide variety of concerns including pre-marital counseling, communication difficulties, sexual struggles, spiritual concerns, partners with physical or mental illness, abuse, divorce, remarriage, difficulties with family of origin, parenting, mixed families and transitions.

Marriage can be one of the most joyous and most painful journeys we undertake. As we walk with you through your marriage struggles, we desire to help both discern what isn’t working, name painful losses, make healthy and empowered decisions, weather the storms of life together, and grow in deeper intimacy along the way.


CrossRoads offers a wide variety of therapy services to individual clients, including anxiety, depression, mood and personality disorders, relationship difficulties, trauma grief, and family of origin concerns.

At CrossRoads we desire to help individuals along the journey to a greater sense of freedom and joy. Yet the path often involves painful circumstances, seeming diversions and unexpected twists. We can walk alongside you in your struggle to help you name your reality and walk through the darkness, recovering hope and purpose for your future path.


CrossRoads offers therapy for teens struggling with a wide variety of concerns, including anxiety, stress, depression, addictions, eating disorders, difficulties with peers and other relationships, abuse, self-harm, identity struggles, family stressors, and school issues.

We know that adolescence can be an invigorating but confusing time for both teens and parents. We desire to help adolescents navigate their journey to adulthood empowering healthy communication, strong family connections and emotional growth.


 CrossRoads offers family counseling which can address parenting concerns, supporting a loved one in crisis or illness, walking through life stage transitions, blending stepfamilies, enhancing family communication, learning about and supporting differences, and drawing on strengths.

At CrossRoads we understand that a problem within the family affects the entire family. We desire to help you pursue healing and change that benefits every person in the family and hope to see you thrive as you learn to walk together on the journey before you.


CrossRoads works with children ages 3-12 struggling with a wide variety of physical, emotional, relational and developmental concerns. We offer play therapy, giving our youngest clients developmentally appropriate tools to make sense of their inner world.

It is heartbreaking to watch our children struggle and not be certain how to help. At CrossRoads we desire to walk alongside your child in a healing process that involves parent education, support and restored relationship.

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